The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues In Australia

A person’s wedding day is one of the biggest moments of their life. It is normal for them to want that day to be perfect. Apart from picking the perfect dress, jewelry and caterers, the wedding destination plays the biggest role in making your dream wedding come true. In a beautiful country like Australia there are many places that you can have your dream wedding. You can refer websites like in order to check out these wedding destinations more thoroughly. Take a look at the following gorgeous locations that a couple can book in Australia.

Tarrahleah weddings.

This is a town in Tasmania where you can have your wedding ceremony. The setting for this wedding will be the Tasmanian wilderness. This will be the perfect location for a nature loving and care free couple. Even though it is in the wilderness they provide a luxurious and comfortable stay for all the wedding guests and of course the couple.

Southern ocean lodge.

This is situated in South Australia, Kangaroo Island. This destination provides guest with a beautiful view of the southern ocean and the kangaroo island backwoods. Guest will also be able to catch glimpses of Australian wild life during this stay like kangaroos and Australian sea lions. This will be a great experience for everyone. Koonyum range retreat. This is the definitive location for a affordable reception venues and is located in New South Wales. This destination comprises of spectacular ocean views that will add a sense of calmness and beauty to the wedding ceremony. Their bedrooms include beautiful views of waterfalls and mountain ranges that will make the stay a really memorable one.

Thalia Haven.

This is situated in the coast of Tasmania. It is located on a private peninsula and therefore it is isolated and private with views of the beautiful ocean all around. You can see olive tree courtyards on the edge of the ocean and this is truly a sight for sore eyes. It is a bit of a rustic destinations because of the warm weather. However the views will definitely make the wedding a memorable one.

Stones of the Yarrah valley.

Wedding receptions that take place here are truly sophisticated and gorgeous. This is because of its surroundings. It is covered with really old oak trees, vineyards and mountains. Every way you look there is something really beautiful to see. And of course the wedding party will have a sufficient supply of wine because Yarrah Valley is the premium destination for wine in that region.