Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Party

Choosing the wedding party is the one thing that many brides hate to face, this decision can disappoint many people and you risk dooming the wedding if you choose the wrong person. So, you need to think twice before you ask someone as you can’t really retrace your steps once you’ve popped the question. However, this decision is not as hard as it seems when you take all the emotions and favors out of the equation.

• Set expectations

Consider the role of the wedding party, do you expect them to be with you throughout the whole wedding plans like when addressing invitations, choosing the food, getting your wedding attire, choosing the jazz bands Sydney etc. If the answer is yes, then considering the schedules of your close friends can help you narrow down the choices. It would not be practical to get them involved with your wedding if they live too far away or are too busy with work.

• Choose someone who is responsible

This person is in going to be in charge of most of the wedding plans and appointing an irresponsible person to do this would only make you more anxious and stressed out on the wedding day. If they are someone close to you like your best friend then consider having two maids of honors, this way your bestie is satisfied that they made the cut and the more responsible person can take charge making sure that everything happens as planned.

• They should be able to emotionally support you

Brides usually freak out in the last minute and re-think their life choices, this is where you would need your maid of honor the most, she should be able to cheer you up and support you emotionally during this time. Visit for wedding band.

• Someone who respects your wishes

Make sure that you don’t choose someone who doesn’t listen to you and makes choices for yourself instead. For example, if you wanted a specific band for hire, then they should agree with it instead of making you choose what they think is better, if you wanted roses, then they should be fine with that as well. Suggestions are okay, but don’t let anyone make choices for you.

• Don’t choose someone just because they chose you

It doesn’t really matter if you were the maid of honor in their wedding, it’s completely fine to not choose someone despite this. These tips can help you think rationally and help you reach a good decision. You don’t have to feel bad just because someone close to you didn’t make the cut, there are other roles such as being the usher, candle lighter and ceremony reader that they can undertake.